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Mahi Mahi

Inspired by the ocean

The name Mahi Mahi comes from a powerful and majestic fish known as the dolphin-fish or in Dutch: the Goudmakreel. This colorful predatory fish is found in tropical and subtropical waters around the world.

Translated from Hawaiian, Mahi Mahi means 'extra strong', which is very appropriate for our hand crafted gins with an alcohol percentage of 48%. This gives the gins a powerful taste palette with a particularly soft aftertaste.

The Mahi Mahi fish has the unique ability to change its color. This is what the Mahi Mahi fish uses to communicate with its congeners...

World Gin Awards

Best dutch London dry" Best dutch signature botanical"

3 delicious flavors

Our gin is available in the flavours: original, mango & orange.


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Our 3 famous flavours in a fun gift set.

How do you make the perfect Mahi Mahi cocktail?

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