Our story

Dear gin lovers,

Let me start by introducing myself: My name is Rien de Kok, owner and founder of Mahi Mahi Beverages located in Twente.

3 years ago I was inspired by Oliver and Karin, 2 good friends of my father and owners of the distillery "De Koperen Ster" located in Enschede.

The entire distilling process and the work in a distillery/brewery really appealed to me and I found it super interesting. Long story short: I wanted this too!

After months of fine-tuning, there was finally the recipe for the Mahi Mahi Original. This gin has laid the foundation for the 'Mahi Mahi Mango' and the 'Mahi Mahi Orange'. In 2022 these 3 gins together won 6 international awards in London and San Francisco that I am extremely proud of and happy to share with you.

De Mahi Mahi Original won o.a. BEST DUTCH LONDON DRY GIN en de Mahi Mahi Orange o.a. BEST DUTCH SIGNATURE BOTANICAL.